Friday, 1 January 2021

The Bible Study Companion for Jacob of Abbington Pickets

From the series of Abbington Pickets, by H. C. Hewitt, we are pleased to bring you the Bible Study Companion for book one, Jacob of Abbington Pickets.  I was given the opportunity to work with H. C. Hewitt on this study and we hope that it will be a blessing to you.  

Do you desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus?  Do you long to learn more about His word?  This Scripture-based study is a companion to the novel Jacob of Abbington Pickets, A Journey of Forgiveness, which has strong biblical themes that arise as the study unfolds.  Beginning with questions about the characters and moving on to focused topical studies, each chapter will have you digging deep into God's word.  Other features include Bible references for further study and group discussion questions.  Read and study along with us as we guide you through a journey of forgiveness. 
           *adapted from the back of the Bible Study Companion*

All of the books in the Abbington Pickets series can be found on Amazon.  Click the links below to be taken directly to where you can purchase them.

Book 1: Jacob of Abbington Pickets paperback

The Bible Study Companion for Jacob of Abbington Pickets paperback

Book 2: Jacob's Place paperback

Book 3: Letters From Jacob paperback 

Also be sure to pick up a copy of the cookbook that goes with the novel series!

The Abbington Pickets Cookbook paperback  

The link below will provide you with a free Leader's Guide that you can print off and use to lead your study group.

Leader's Guide printable PDF 

Head over to Amazon to follow our author pages.  Then you can easily order any of the other books and you will be able to see any new releases that come in the future!

H. C. Hewitt's Author Page on Amazon

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Check out H. C. Hewitt's website for more information on any of the books in the Abbington Pickets series.  While you are there you may want to browse through her quilt patterns and information about her fabulous Quilt Shop!

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